Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dude looks like a laaaadeee.

So has been a while, mixture of work being a bit nuts lately and also learning 3D which is a really cool new toy to play around with.

Here is my first stab at the main girl for this fan fiction comic, kinda like the feel, but still not happy with the final result, need to sort out her face shape and I got lazy with the boots, but tis a start.


Fran Court said...

Heya, I really like the style and the way it's been drawn etc, but i still think the colour palette is a little flat, the purple dude less so because you have one strong colour element ( the purple) but for the girl, i think a lot of the colours are quite similar in tone and saturation, and i think perhaps she could be made a little more interesting spiced up a little. They are looking great though dude! I can see this turning into some Lorenzo style comic :)

Daniel Harries said...

Cheers franwise!

I know what your saying about the colours, but I'm trying to keep them quite flat and desaturated on purpose. Just an experiment at the moment and I may go back and bump them up when it no doubt goes wrong but my idea is to look at the comic as a whole, have everything quite desaturated and light so that when I need to focus on important areas or moments within the comic I can use more saturation and darker values to draw attention to them. Just trying it out, it may not work.